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Settle Your Legal Matters Out Of Court With Collaborative Law

Do you want respect, control, freedom to express yourself, attention to your needs and interests, creativity in problem solving, good results for your children, cooperation, attention to your timeline for resolution, and satisfied parenting outcomes? If yes, then you need to consider the Collaborative Law process to resolve your family law issue.

What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law focuses on the concerns that are important to you not a Court or Judge. Collaborative Law is a more respectful process where you have more control over the outcome than the traditional model of divorce.

Collaborative divorce has a 90% success rate of settlement and when you leave the Collaborative Law process with a settlement, your relationship with your child or children is better. Collaborative Law outcomes are better for children than the traditional model because you have a mental health professional as part of the process. Collaborative Law brings satisfied parenting outcomes through a respectful process.

Collaborative Law is a respectful process where you have the freedom to express yourself in the case. Collaborative Law gives you an opportunity to express yourself. We will talk to you about what it means to have your spouse or co-parent cooperate with you in this process. What does cooperation mean to you and how can the professionals exemplify cooperation for you to create a process of cooperation.

You have control in the process and attention is paid to your needs and interests in Collaborative Law. We will talk to you about what does it mean for you to feel respect in your family law process and what would it look like to you for the attorneys to also be respectful in your family law process. We will talk to you about what control in your family law process looks like to you and what do you need to feel control in your family law process. We want you to feel that you have control in your process.

In a Collaborative divorce, we will explore how you solve the problems that you bring to your division of assets and debts. Collaborative Law is creative. Within the process of dividing your assets and debts we can be creative. We can tailor an agreement to your needs with the help of a financial professional.

We will explore the timing that you want for your family law matter up front and attempt to meet the pacing you want in this process based upon your needs. We will talk to you about how fast or slow you want to move through the process and help manage the matter around your pacing.

Collaborative Law is not therapy and we cannot change what brought you to need a family lawyer, but we can use a process that strives for cooperation by the client, professionals and team.

Collaborative Law leads to satisfied parenting outcomes and parenting outcomes which are better than traditional litigation. Through Collaborative Law you can reach satisfied outcomes in your parenting time arrangement, satisfied allocation of decision-making authority for your children, and protect the emotional well-being of your children.

Collaborative Law cannot make the hard time you are experiencing go away, but it is the best process to get through a hard time in your life.

Collaborative Law leaves you more satisfied than other more traditional court processes or other settlement processes and clients who choose the collaborative law process leave it feeling satisfied and state that they would choose it again.

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