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Learn How Child Support May Be Terminated

Up until 2012, the parent paying child support could be obligated to continue payments until the child was 21. Now the age of emancipation of a child has been lowered to 19. It should be noted that a child can be deemed emancipated at age 18 upon proof of certain statutory requirements.

Upon a child attaining the age of 19, he or she is emancipated and parents generally have no continuing obligation to pay child support (unless in the case of an incapacitated child). A parent’s obligation to contribute toward the cost of a child’s college education, however, can extend beyond age 19 so long as a petition seeking educational support has been filed BEFORE the child turns 19.

At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, we assist parents as their children reach the age that child support can be terminated. Whether you are seeking to modify or end your child support payments or hoping to learn your options as the supporting parent takes these measures, we can help. Our lawyers take the time to thoroughly explain your rights and options.

As your child nears the age of 19, contact us to learn the legal solutions available to you. Call our offices today at 317-669-9134 or toll free at 317-669-9134 .

Support Modifications And Termination Of Support Due To Emancipation Of A Child And Extension Of Educational/School Support Orders

Other things to keep in mind about child support emancipation include:

  • There are certain circumstances under which a parent cannot be released from a support obligation regardless of the child having reached age 19. This would include situations where the adult child is disabled or incapacitated.
  • Child support automatically ends if the child gets married or joins active duty military service.
  • There are situations where you are not able to simply stop paying child support when the child turns 19 (Income Withholding Orders). You may need to pursue the process of having the child emancipated and filing for a court order to have payments terminated. We will explain this process and help you take the necessary actions.

At any point in the duration of the child support decree, our lawyers are available to provide answers and information you need to know about your specific situation and divorce decree. Call our law firm today at 317-669-9134 or toll free at 317-669-9134 .