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Striving For Effective And Private Solutions In High-Profile Divorce Cases

Going through a divorce is hard enough. When you are involved in a divorce or another family law concern that may attract notoriety in the media and on the Internet, a difficult situation can become even more challenging.

At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, we help clients who may be involved in highly contentious or potentially public divorces get the legal services they need. We will help you keep a private, vulnerable situation as confidential as possible.

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We represent either side of a high-profile divorce. Many times, our clients find us through their agents or other professionals; other times it is through referrals from other satisfied clients. We have successfully represented business owners, entertainers, professional athletes and their spouses and kept them out of the public eye. Their divorce, paternity or another family law concern has remained private and confidential. We can do the same for you.

Experienced High-Profile Divorce Lawyers

A high-profile divorce may include dealing with asset division that includes valuing a celebrity’s name. Business owners must consider concerns surrounding ownership transfer of one spouse’s interest in the company to the other spouse or what do to if both spouses want to keep their ownership in the business. You must have an attorney who understands and is prepared to deal with the potential issues in your case.

We have more than four decades of experience managing just these kinds of issues. Our flexibility and creativity help overcome unexpected issues that must be managed quickly. We also are noted for our legal services for business valuation, prenuptial agreements and paternity matters.

We Create The Strategies To Achieve Your Goals

Our attorneys are distinguished and respected as family lawyers in the Greater Indianapolis legal community. You may count on us to help you clarify your goals and needs. We intend to create winning strategies and decisively and effectively work toward achieving your goals regarding asset division, child support and child custody, and any other legal matter.

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