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You May Have A Right To Visit Your Grandchildren – We Can Help

When parents split up, the kids often pay a stiff price. Especially for younger children, the divorce of their parents can be very difficult to handle emotionally.

This is one reason why it is so important to maintain emotionally supportive relationships between children and grandparents wherever possible. At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, we help grandparents assert their legal rights to grandchild visitation.

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What Does Indiana Law Say About Grandparent Rights?

To be sure, there are certain limitations on grandparent visitation rights in Indiana. If the grandchild’s parents are both alive and are married to each other, those parents get to decide on what visitation grandparents will have.

But there are three scenarios in which grandparent visitation rights do come into play. These are:

  • Divorce of the grandchild’s parents
  • Birth of the grandchild outside of marriage
  • Death of one or both of the grandchild’s parents

If any of these scenarios is present, a grandparent can make a visitation request to the court.

Our lawyers can guide you through the process of making this request. The standard that the courts apply in making these decisions is the well known one of “best interests of the child.”

When you talk with us, we can explain what this means and how it applies to your particular circumstances. We will then assert our rights using the experience and knowledge we have gained over many years of practice. In some cases, it may also be appropriate to discuss grandparent adoption.


Taking Action To Protect Your Relationship With Your Grandchild

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