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Protecting Your Assets In A High Net Worth Divorce

When an individual with significant wealth divorces, he or she requires legal services from an attorney who can fully address his or her concerns regarding property division. The attorney should have a full command of property division and valuation as it relates to highly complex matters and high net worth individuals.

Lawyers With Extensive Understanding Of Complex Property Division Matters

When you are looking for something more than the typical law firm that lists family law as only one among its many areas of practice, Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, is what you are looking for. Our firm practices solely in the area of matrimonial law. Our attorneys have combined experience in the area of family law of more than 100 years and possess the skills and experience to handle the most sophisticated property valuation and division issues in the domestic relations arena. As the largest sole-focused matrimonial law firm in Indiana, we have the credentials and the experience to take on your high-asset divorce.

How do you put a price tag on a business, professional practice, commercial real estate ownership or intellectual property? You must have an attorney who understands and is prepared to deal with complex valuation and asset division issues in your case. We have more than four decades of experience managing and “valuing” all types of property. We can help you find creative solutions to the issues that arise.

Properly Identifying, Categorizing, And Valuing Property And Assets

It is not uncommon for one party in the divorce to have more knowledge than the other regarding income, assets and property. As Carmel and Indianapolis attorneys, we practice in complicated asset and valuation cases that involve identifying, categorizing and valuing all types of property and assets. Full disclosure must be made by both parties. If you suspect that your spouse has failed to disclose or is hiding assets, our law firm employs financial experts to assist in obtaining a clear and complete financial disclosure.

Our high net worth clients include small- and large-business owners, CEOs, CFOs, doctors, dentists, lawyers, farmers and others who possess substantial property and assets. Whether you are the main income-earner or are divorcing a main income-earner, rest assured that your rights and best interests will be attended to and pursued in your property settlement agreement.