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Children’s Mental Health Professional

What Does The Research Say Children Need In Your Divorce?

  1. Children want to know what is happening at the time of their parents’ separation;
  2. Children want someone to gain their input about their living arrangements; and
  3. Children want to continue to have meaningful and bonded relationships with both parents.

The Role Of The Mental Health Professional

The mental health professional can explore issues with a child as a member of the family group. They can explore issues related to the child’s time with both parents, their physical space, their emotional space and their psychological space.

The mental health professional can help you explain to your child so they understand the reasons for the divorce and to explore the child’s community connections, family relationships, and peer relationships.

The mental health professional then gives feedback to the Team to focus on possibilities and solutions around the clients’ goals and aspirations for their children by focusing on strengths and challenges tailored to meet the individual needs of your family. The mental health professional can also help the clients explore their individual and family identity to help them gain insight and apply that insight into action.