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Trusted Guidance For Child Custody And Support

Whether you need legal counsel to safeguard your interests in a divorce or you are concerned about a child custody fight, the attorneys at Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, can help.

Committed to excellence, discretion and cost-effectiveness. Call 317-669-9134 or email our office.

In any child custody matter, we are diligent in bringing forth all evidence that is in your favor. As your advocates, we will make sure that we do all we legally can to protect your time and your ability to have a close relationship with your child.

Parenting Time Guidelines In Indiana

Indiana’s court system recently updated its child custody and parenting time guidelines to emphasize the importance of a child’s relationship with both parents. All custody issues start with a presumption of shared custody between caring, supportive parents. Each parent’s house should feel like a home base for the child, with as seamless a transition between the two homes as possible.

This does not necessarily mean the parents will have a 50/50 split of parenting time. It does mean that each parent supports and encourages the child’s relationship with the other parent. Certain aspects of the new guidelines may not work for every family, but the overall goal is for parents to work together for the best interests of their child. In some cases, a parenting coordinator can help families transition to their new routine and resolve differences that arise.

Experienced And Upfront Child Custody Counsel

We have tried divorce cases that involve unique child custody issues and have successfully achieved our clients’ goals time and again. Our communication is upfront. We want to make sure our clients understand the potential ramifications of every child custody decision that they make.

We work with you to develop workable child custody and parenting time arrangements. We are experienced and knowledgeable in developing creative custody solutions for relocating or out-of-state parents. Our attorneys are also well-equipped to represent child custody matters relating to paternity and fathers’ rights, parenting time and issues of parental alienation.

Child Support Solutions That Work

Indiana follows child support guidelines to determine child support. Factors include parents’ income and certain expenses, number of children and parenting time arrangements. We work with the child support guidelines, taking into account such individual needs as unique parenting time arrangements, including out-of-state visitations, and special needs of children.

When back child support is owed or if there is a need to modify your divorce decree, we will advocate on your behalf for enforcement or for a modification.

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