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Trusted Guidance On The Division Of Property

Property division is often one of the most stressful parts of any divorce. Many people are afraid of having to start over financially or losing control of important assets. For same-sex couples, property division can be especially common because their marriages only became legal in Indiana in 2014.

Marital Property Complications For Same-Sex Couples

All property that is accumulated during the marriage is considered marital property and eligible to be divided. This usually includes real estate, retirement accounts and investments as well as income.

However, the issue many same-sex couples face is the fact they lived much like a married couple for an extended period of time before their marriage could be recognized by the state of Indiana. So even if you and your spouse have had co-mingled assets for two decades, it wasn’t considered marital property until at least 2014.

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At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, in Indianapolis, our attorneys are experienced in representing the financial interests of our clients during divorce and the division of property. Our team includes seven certified family law specialists and several attorneys who have been recognized by Super Lawyers magazine. We have the skills and passion to guide you through the process of:

  • Retirement account division
  • Investment division
  • Real estate division
  • Asset division

In many cases, we are able to help our clients reach an agreement with their spouse outside of court on the division of property. If an agreement isn’t possible, however, we are prepared to present a solid case to the court on what you should be given in the divorce.

We Can Guide You Through The Process

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