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When Your Job Change Affects Child Support

When you got your divorce, you and your ex-spouse came up with an equitable amount of child support based on your current job, living conditions, expenses and other factors. So what happens if you lose your job or find another job that pays less? Are you expected to keep up the same payments even though you have less coming in? Thankfully, the answer is that you can get a child support modification to reflect your new job situation.

At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, our experienced family law attorneys understand the laws in Indiana regarding child support and how a change in circumstances can affect your original support order. In some cases, your new job may also affect your custody and parenting time, which our lawyers can also help you modify.

The Modification Process

The courts will not modify a support order automatically. They don’t somehow learn about your change in employment and adjust your payments accordingly; it is up to you to notify the proper people. The first person to notify is your ex-spouse. If you explain your new circumstances to them and the two of you can work out a new agreement, you can request that a judge sign off on it.

Even if you cannot come to an agreement, you can file a petition asking the court for a child support modification. The court will determine whether you experienced a big enough change in circumstances to warrant a modification and either grant or deny your request. The law states that the change in circumstances should reach the threshold of a 20% difference from your current child support order. In the meantime, you should not miss any payments. You need to comply with the current order until the court says differently.

We Can Help

The process can be a tricky one and take time. The sooner you begin the process, the sooner you can make the change. To speak with one of our lawyers, call our office in Carmel at 317-669-9134 or send us an online message to schedule an appointment.