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Aiding Domestic Partners With Agreements And Other Legal Needs

People in domestic partnerships and cohabitating partners face many of the same challenges of people in traditional marriages, plus a few unique ones. Have you ever wondered:

  • What will I do in case of a sudden illness?
  • How will my children be cared for?
  • How can I safeguard my assets if we split up?
  • What do we consider joint property?

The dissolution of a domestic partnership can be every bit as difficult as the divorce of two married people. It is important for all parties entering into these types of situations to protect their rights with the help of an experienced Indianapolis domestic partnership lawyer.

Protect Your Assets With A Cohabitation Agreement

When you enter into a domestic partnership, it is important to come to an understanding or agreement as to how you will hold and combine assets and incurred debts. You need to understand the significance of the titling of property in your or your partner’s name. What will happen if you and your partner decide to dissolve the union and how you will protect and care for any children involved? Our Indiana cohabitation agreement attorneys have the knowledge, resources and ability to help safeguard your interests.

Adoption Counsel

If you are single, married or in a same-sex relationship and interested in pursuing adoption, we can use our experience in this area to help you navigate the process. The option of adopting children is available to both individuals and same-sex couples in Indiana. We can advise you of your rights, options and obligations incident to adoption.

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