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Appellate Work

The appellate process is a vehicle by which an individual who received an unjust ruling due to a legal error can have a second chance to ultimately secure a just ruling. In family law cases, appeals are usually due to unjust property valuations and distribution rulings.

Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, initiates and defends appeals from family law courts throughout Indiana. If you are considering filing an appeal, talk to an Indianapolis appellate attorney from our law firm.

Our Indianapolis appellate attorneys offer advanced verbal and written communication skills. These skills are essential to presenting an appeal in an effective manner. Additionally, our attorneys know how to handle a case in trial court while preserving items for potential appeal.

Our Indianapolis appellate attorneys will seek a reversal of the ruling, which means the trial rulings will be overturned in your favor if it is successful. If the trial court’s opinion is reversed, this will be reflected in the final divorce decree.

Contact An Indiana Appeals Lawyer

If you are interested in acquiring more information about potentially appealing a trial court’s decision, contact Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC We can be reached at 317-669-9134 , or you can complete our online contact form.