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Guiding You Through Retirement Division When Your Marriage Ends

During divorce, retirement accounts should not be overlooked by the couple when thinking about property or assets that must be divided. These are complicated divisions, requiring the skill and experience of professionals who understand the nature of these accounts and how they grow over the course of the marriage.

At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, our attorneys have years of experience guiding clients through the meticulous process of accurately valuing and dividing retirement accounts and other investments used for long-term planning. We will provide clear answers and realistic expectations throughout the process.

To learn more about the division of retirement accounts during divorce, please contact our firm at 317-669-9134 or toll free at 317-669-9134 .

Division Of Retirement Accounts And Funds In Divorce Settlements

The division of retirement accounts is highly complex. Certain accounts can be divided, while others cannot. Many have unique methods for division. It is critical that you have an attorney you can trust who has the experience, legal understanding and team of financial professionals on hand to skillfully handle this division, protecting your financial interests and your future.

We assist in the division of all retirement accounts, including:

  • IRAs and Roth IRAs
  • Profit-sharing programs
  • Defined benefit pensions
  • Stock options
  • 401(k)s
  • 403(b)s
  • Survivor benefits
  • Life insurance

Our attorneys create strategic legal solutions to divide the accounts equitably, protecting the hard work and investments of our clients, as well as their long-term planning and savings for the future. We work to avoid as many penalties and tax consequences as possible, to retain a maximum amount of the investment.

In most cases, the court will accept a proposal for dividing these accounts, if it considers the plan fair and equitable. Should disputes arise, the court will be left to craft the details of the division. We work with opposing parties, financial professionals and the court to ensure that an agreeable plan of division is submitted, supported by the clear evidence from experts as needed.

To learn more about the services that we provide with complex property division and the division of retirement accounts, please contact our Indianapolis law firm today at 317-669-9134 or toll free at 317-669-9134 .