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Ready To Assist Parents With Legal Out-Of-State Moving Challenges

When a parent chooses to move to a different state, it can have a great impact on his or her child custody status. No matter what your custodial situation is, our lawyers at Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, understand that your time with your child is important to you. We draw on our decades of family law experience to help our clients through the difficult process of dealing with a move.

Notice Of The Relocation Is Required

If you have custody of your child and are planning to move to a different state, you must give notice of your move to both the court and the child’s other parent. The notice should include:

  • Your new contact information
  • The reasons for the move
  • The date the move will occur
  • A proposed plan for how the other parent will see the child

It should also advise the other parent of the deadline for him or her to file an objection. While the court cannot stop you from relocating, it can decide whether doing so is in the best interest of the child. The court will bear that standard in mind if it grants any modifications to your existing child custody or visitation agreement.

Noncustodial Parents Have Rights

If you do not have custody of your child and oppose the other parent’s proposed move with the child to a different state, you must first file your objection with the court. You will then be given the opportunity at a hearing to demonstrate that the move will be harmful to your relationship with the child. We have extensive courtroom experience and will work carefully with you to prepare a thoughtful and practical strategy for your case.

The Stakes Are High

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