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Aiding Grandparents And Stepparents Throughout The Adoption Process

At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, our attorneys assist grandparents and stepparents in understanding their rights when it comes to adoption of certain children in their lives. When adoption options are available, we can assist in advising you and in completing the process.

If you are seeking to adopt your spouse’s child or your grandchild, call us today at 317-669-9134 or toll free at 317-669-9134 to discuss your options and how we can help.

Stepparent Adoption And Second-Parent Adoption

Often, stepparents seek to formalize the role they play in their spouse’s child’s life by seeking to adopt the child, particularly if the biological parent is not actively involved in the child’s life. Not only does adoption create a legal recognition of the relationship, but it is also a practical step for many families to take, in that it gives the stepparent decision-making ability for the child and helps to ensure that the child will be cared for should something happen to the custodial parent. It also creates certain rights with respect to Social Security benefits and inheritance.

This can be a complicated process, requiring legal consent from the absent biological parent, although not always. While this can sometimes be a difficult task, sorting through additional issues and emotions, our attorneys are skillful in navigating these family dynamics and other considerations to help you accomplish your goals.

Grandparent Adoptions And Grandparent Rights

Grandparents have a special degree of love for their grandchildren. In many situations, grandparents are left to do much of the parenting of these children, particularly in cases where the biological parents are absent, or unfit to parent.

Adoption may be an available option to grandparents in these situations. It allows the grandparent legal decision-making authority for the child and establishes legal rights with the children as well.

While guardianship may be a more appropriate choice in some situations, our attorneys will explain the advantages of either option and how each may be best for your family dynamics.

To learn more about grandparent or stepparent adoption, please contact our Indianapolis law offices today at 317-669-9134 or toll free at 317-669-9134 .