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Fighting On Your Behalf To See All Marital Assets Go Unhidden During A Divorce

During the division of property in divorce, one party may make an effort to hide certain assets or financial accounts in an effort to withhold them from the division. This activity is illegal, and a qualified legal team can take necessary action to detect the unreported assets and ensure that they are included in the division.

At Cross Glazier Reed Burroughs, PC, our attorneys have decades of experience in Indiana and Florida handling complex property divisions, working with top professionals to provide the most accurate valuation possible to protect your interests. We work with a renowned team of financial professionals, delivering results that you can trust.

If you suspect that your spouse is withholding assets, investments or property from the division of marital assets, please contact our Indianapolis law office today to learn how we can protect your interests. Call the firm at 317-669-9134 or toll free at 317-669-9134 .

Discovery And Investigation Of Hidden Assets

Our attorneys will carefully review all financial documentation and accounts to create a full picture of the couple’s financial situation, including international accounts, savings accounts and retirement accounts. This allows us to characterize all assets and determine what is to be included in the division. Any assets existing as on the date a divorce is filed may be considered marital property and are subject to an equitable division between the parties. While the statutory presumption is that the marital estate be divided equally between the parties, this is a rebuttable presumption. Accordingly, the court is not mandated to divide assets equally. The source of the assets and the parties’ relative economic circumstances are among the considerations in how property should be divided.

The “out spouse,” or the spouse who did not primarily control the couple’s assets, is often at a disadvantage during the division. He or she should immediately request all financial records. Our lawyers will also begin conducting discovery to find any assets that were not reported. This could include anything from an account not included in the documentation to offshore accounts or fraudulent and hidden income. At times, a spouse may make under-the-table efforts to transfer property or assets to a family member or hidden account to avoid detection.

Our firm works with some of the top financial professionals and forensic accountants in the area to identify any other asset that should be included in the division. Our experience and legal understanding of the area equip us to create innovative solutions to accomplish this and protect the rights of our clients.

We have represented high net worth clients throughout Indiana, working with complex business holdings, shareholder matters, and intricate property and investment portfolios.