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Bristol Palin may have to pay her ex child support

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2016 | Child Support |

Whenever any couple decides to end their relationship, there may be some things for them to discuss before they can go their separate ways. In some cases, if they have a child together, they may be able to go their separate ways, but they will still have to stay in contact with one another and work together to raise the child. Sometimes, this will involve the parents having joint custody and one paying child support. Of course, this arrangement is one that not all parents welcome with open arms.

The ex-fiance of Bristol Palin has reportedly filed paperwork requesting joint custody of their daughter and that the 25-year-old pay him child support. He has allegedly also requested that the judge be fair when he or she determines a child support amount that he is to pay monthly if it is decided that Palin does not have to pay him child support.

Since Palin’s ex is willing to pay child support, the issue will be how much he will have to pay if he is denied joint custody and ordered to pay. Based on the support guidelines of the state and the father’s income, he could be asked to pay $1,700 a month in child support. It was not stated if he felt this amount was fair or more than he felt was appropriate.

Child custody and support are common issues that most parents deal with after they end a relationship, and there are children involved. Although some may have difficulty deciding on a fair arrangement, it can be done with a little help. Anyone currently dealing with issues related to child custody and support will want to consider speaking with an attorney.

Source: International Business Times, “Bristol Palin Ex-Fiancé Dakota Meyer Files Legal Documents Over Child Support,” Minyvonne Burke, Feb. 2, 2016




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