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Request child support from the other parent of your child

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2015 | Child Support |

When parents get divorced or couples separate, if there are children involved, they will likely have to deal with the issue of child custody and support. In some cases, parents may be able to come to an agreement about how things will play out, but there are some parents who have had difficulty agreeing on a child custody arrangement. Not only may they disagree on which parent should be awarded custody of the child, but they may also find themselves disputing over how much child support the child should receive every month.

After one parent has been awarded custody, they may seek to obtain child support from the other parent. Parents sometimes choose to request an amount, but that does not mean that they will receive that much. Depending on the state, there are certain guidelines that must be followed when deciding if and how much child support a parent will be awarded, but they may receive a decent amount that will allow them to properly care for the child.

When dealing with any legal matter regarding children, parents may find it necessary to recruit the help of an attorney. This is a wise decision because some laws and guidelines can be confusing. An attorney can clarify things and make sure parents are aware of all of their options, which may make the legal process a bit easier.

Caring for a child can be expensive, so if you feel as though your son or daughter deserves child support, you may want to contact an attorney. Children need to have both parents contributing and caring for them in every way possible, so it is only fair that child support payments be made on a monthly basis. If you live in the Indianapolis area, an attorney at Cross, Pennamped, Woolsey & Glazier may be able to assist you with your case.




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