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Be creative when considering child custody options

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Child Custody |

People often fall into the same old patterns when trying to figure out how to set up a child custody plan. For instance, they simply alternate weeks or send the kids to the father’s house on the weekends.

For many, these time-tested strategies may work, but do not make the mistake of thinking that you have no other options. You can be creative. You can think outside of the box.

For instance, maybe you don’t want to have the kids every weekend because you need some weekends free. You could then alternate things with your ex by setting up a mid-week switch. You’d still get equal time, but it would cover every other weekend.

Or, maybe you do want to have the kids on the weekend. Leaving them with your ex during the week makes it easier for them to stay in the same school, and you know how important that routine is to them. However, you don’t like going an entire week without seeing them.

What many parents do is to set up a mid-week dinner or evening for a parental visit. You could take all the kids out to dinner at their favorite restaurant every Wednesday, spend the evening seeing a movie or doing something else fun, and then drop them back off with your ex for bed. Those few hours give you a chance to touch base with them and make it all easier.

Maybe these specific examples also do not work for your family. That’s fine. The key is just to know that you can explore creative options when looking into your child custody rights.




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