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The post-divorce move: Helping kids adjust

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Child Custody |

For many people, divorce means they have to move. They sell the family home and each person buys their own home or apartment.

When kids are involved, that move can be hard for them. It really underscores how different life is going to be after the divorce. It’s a huge change during a time when they’re seeing a lot of major changes. The kids may resent the move and wish they could just stay in their old home and their old room.

To help them adjust when there’s no choice but to move, here are a few things you can do:

  • Tour the home in advance. Walk through it and talk about what you love about it. Get the kids mentally ready to move before they actually have to do it.
  • When you arrive, unpack their things first. Set up their rooms. Most bedrooms are actually very similar, so you can really make it “feel like home” instantly if you unpack their toys, books, posters, beds, etc.
  • Get all of their essentials in one place. Make sure they’re not missing anything they need. Since they’ll be moving back and forth between your home and your ex’s home, you always want these items close at hand.
  • Don’t put off starting up your normal routines. These routines could include when they go to bed, when you eat dinner as a family, when they get up for school and the like. Show them that life is the same, even if the house is not.

Helping children adjust to divorce can get complicated, and you need to make sure you put them first when looking into your child custody options.




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