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An attorney can help with your adoption

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Same-Sex Partners |

Starting a family is exciting, whether it is opposite-sex partners or same-sex partners. Depending on how a couple decides to go about this, the process can be time-consuming, but a rewarding one as well. This is often the case when it comes to adoption.

Adoption is one of the best ways for people in a same-sex relationship to start the family they have always wanted. When same-sex partners decide that they want to have a child, they have the option to adopt someone else’s child or have a child of their own, and the parent who is not the biological parent can adopt the child. In some case, one option may be a bit easier.

Should a couple choose that one partner will carry the child instead of them adopting someone else’s child, the other partner will need to adopt the child once he or she is born. Even though the two partners are in a relationship and plan to raise the child together, the partner who is not the biological parent needs to adopt the child in order to have parental rights. This means that they will have a chance of getting custody should the relationship, or marriage end and the parents engage in a custody dispute.

Same-sex couples who decide to adopt are doing something great for themselves, and the child they are adopting. Whatever the couple decides, it would be wise to get help from someone knowledgeable about adoption. An attorney at Cross, Pennamped, Woolsey & Glazier can assist couples during the adoption process and answer any questions they may have regarding this topic.




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