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Same-sex marriage continues to grow more common

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Same-Sex Partners |

The Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage legal in 2015, known as the Obergefell decision, naturally led to a massive increase in marriages in the years to come. This was a ground-breaking ruling and changed the landscape of marriage in the United States.

Studies have shown that it continues to become more and more common every year. The largest increase happened right after the court ruling, implying that many couples were more than ready to get married and were just waiting to be allowed to do so. While that rate may have slowed down, it’s still true that these marriages continue to show up in greater numbers.

For instance, before the Supreme Court ruling, just 7.9% of LGBT individuals in the United States were married. In the first year after that ruling, the percentage jumped to 9.6%. In the second year, it rose again, hitting 10.2%.

It is still most common for LGBT individuals to be single or never married, at 55.7% in 2016. However, there has been a notable drop in the number of people who live together without getting married, falling from 12.8% before the decision to 6.6% in 2016. This reflects the fact that many couples who lived together before the decision got married when it was made legal, and more continue to do so every year.

As this trend works to shape the way that marriage plays out in American society, it is very important for same-sex couples to understand all of their rights. They may want to consider things like co-parenting, adoption and divorce, along with the legal steps to take to get married initially.




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