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February 2016 Archives

Things to consider when requesting spousal maintenance

The divorce process can sometimes involve many disputes and negotiations between spouses. In some cases, they can agree on the terms and each can walk away with what they want, but this isn't something that happens with every divorce. There may be issues, such as spousal maintenance, causing spouses to become emotional and question if it is really worth the stress. There are a few things they should consider before moving forward with certain requests.

Bristol Palin may have to pay her ex child support

Whenever any couple decides to end their relationship, there may be some things for them to discuss before they can go their separate ways. In some cases, if they have a child together, they may be able to go their separate ways, but they will still have to stay in contact with one another and work together to raise the child. Sometimes, this will involve the parents having joint custody and one paying child support. Of course, this arrangement is one that not all parents welcome with open arms.