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Why would I request a modification to my divorce decree?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2016 | Family Law |

When two people get a divorce and a decree outlines the terms of their divorce, they may hope that this judgment is final. In some cases, people cannot wait to be as far away from their former spouse as possible and start to live a separate life. However, not all people get that option because there are children involved. Often, they will have to deal with child custody and support issues and find a way to co-parent and be civil with their child’s other parent despite them getting a divorce and everything that has happened in their relationship.

Many people experience rough patches in their life. People have lost their jobs, been demoted or have had a change in their work schedule that had a major impact on their monthly income. It is circumstances like these that would cause a person to request a modification to their divorce decree. With these issues often affecting a parent’s ability to care for their child or pay child support, a change in the decree could relieve them of some of these responsibilities until they get back on their feet.

If a request to modify the divorce decree is requested, it does not mean that it will be granted. Like many issues that the courts are required to resolve, there are things that need to be looked at before a decision can be made. It can go either way, so after this request has been made, people should be prepared for any outcome.

Sometimes, people experience unexpected changes in their lives and, as a result, the previous plans that were arranged need to be changed. When the circumstances change for some parents, they may need to have the courts go back and look at the divorce decree to see if any modification could be made. Should anyone require a modification to their divorce decree, it would be wise to speak to an attorney about what can be done or how to begin the process.




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