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January 2016 Archives

Why would I request a modification to my divorce decree?

When two people get a divorce and a decree outlines the terms of their divorce, they may hope that this judgment is final. In some cases, people cannot wait to be as far away from their former spouse as possible and start to live a separate life. However, not all people get that option because there are children involved. Often, they will have to deal with child custody and support issues and find a way to co-parent and be civil with their child's other parent despite them getting a divorce and everything that has happened in their relationship.

Changes parents need to make after one relocates with a child

Many people with children believe that raising a child is fun, yet challenging. It is a huge responsibility, and whether people plan to have children or not, they have to be prepared to raise them and support them once they do. Of course, this is a job best done by both parents, but when two people are no longer together, co-parenting can be difficult to do, even more so when one parent isn't offering as much assistance as they should. It could also be difficult to co-parent when both parents live in different cities or states.

How can I stop domestic violence from occurring in my home?

There are many men and women that currently live in the United States that are abused by their loved one on a daily basis. Whether it is emotional, physical or sexual abuse, it is not OK for a person to live like this and feel as though their life is being threatened. Although those who are abused may feel stuck and helpless with no way out of this situation, there is a way for them to put a stop to domestic violence in their home and start to live a happy, healthy life, free of abuse.