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How prenuptial and postnuptial agreements differ

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Family Law |

The area of family law can include a variety of legal matters. No family is perfect, so it is normal for couples or parents to have concerns and disagreements about things pertaining to their family. Divorce, child custody and support are all common issues families may face at some point, but other family law matters that couples may have to deal with are prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Other than when these agreements are made, there is really no difference between a prenuptial and postnuptial agreement. When entering a marriage, a couple may decide to set their own terms and get issues resolved in case a divorce occurs in the future. This is done by drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement. This particular type of agreement can include a predetermined amount for alimony, decisions about property division and more. It differs from a postnuptial agreement because it is signed prior to the marriage.

If couples make the decision to get a postnuptial agreement, they are setting their own terms, but this will occur during the marriage. This can be beneficial if one or both spouses acquire significant property or assets during the marriage that they may not want to divide with the other spouse should a divorce occur. Of course, the other spouse would have to agree with this and any other terms before the documents will be signed.

Anyone who is interested in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement or has a family legal matter that needs to be resolved may want to contact an attorney for assistance. Just because there is a disagreement doesn’t mean that it can’t easily be resolved before things escalate and turn into a heated dispute that lasts for months. An attorney can assist you with your family law matters and help get things resolved.




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