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Adoption eligibility requirements in Indiana

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Same-Sex Partners |

Becoming a parent is an exciting experience for those who choose to do so. Whether a couple chooses to have a child together or to adopt, the process may be equally exciting and stressful no matter what method the couple decides to use. For same-sex partners, adoption is a popular choice but isn’t always the easiest. Unfortunately, people must meet the eligibility requirements before they can even start the adoption process, and depending on a person’s situation, some may find it easier to adopt a child than others.

The following people are eligible to adopt a child in the state of Indiana:

  • Married couples with the consent of both spouses.
  • Married couples without the consent of one spouse if he or she is incompetent or couple is legally separated.
  • Stepparents.
  • Single adults.

Those who are eligible may begin the adoption process whenever they feel there are ready.  If parents follow the process and do what is needed of them, they may soon be the parents of a child. There are many steps to adoption, so consulting an attorney before beginning can make the process go smoothly.

Knowing adoption laws for your state and who can adopt will help couples when the time comes for them to expand their family. Same-sex couples looking to adopt may want to consider contacting an attorney. When any couple chooses to adopt, the process can be long due to the legal aspects, but knowledgeable attorneys are available to provide assistance to you and your spouse during this time.




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