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What are the most common causes of divorce?

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Divorce |

No matter the reason, the end of a marriage is bound to be painful. If you are considering divorce, however, you may be wondering what the most common reasons are for people deciding to end their marriages. Some common themes that seem to arise among divorcing couples in America include:

  • Financial disagreements – Money crops up often in fights among couples but does not always lead to a split. Similarly, how much money you have is not always an indicator of whether you agree on how it should be spent, although an inability to pay bills can lead to fighting. Problems most often arise when the couple is not on the same page about the money and can be a strong predictor of divorce.
  • Infidelity – A cheating spouse can cause irreparable damage to a marriage. In some cases, the couple can work through the loss of trust. In other cases, they simply cannot rebuild that trust in a meaningful way and the marriage ends.
  • Addiction – Substance abuse, gambling and other forms of addiction harm people other than just the addict, including the people closest to them. Some can and do overcome their addiction through treatment, but not always in time to salvage their marriages.
  • Basic incompatibility – One of the leading causes of divorce might be the most difficult to define. Experts often interpret this category as stemming from one of the other categories, including an emotional, physical or financial rift. For example, differing values may cause a couple to approach a financial decision differently, creating conflict. They may realize they have fundamentally different views, beliefs and goals for their futures.
  • Lack of intimacy or affection – For some couples, this may mean drifting apart emotionally. Others may find their physical relationship has fallen off or disappeared altogether. Some people say they have fallen out of love with their spouse or no longer feel any attraction to them. Whether physical or emotional, the result can mean that the relationship lacks connection and fulfillment.

What are your options?

In all these situations, professional help may be able to help a couple rebuild their relationships. Couples counseling, treatment facilities and financial planners provide resources to struggling marriages. If your spouse is not willing to work on the marriage, however, or you feel that things have deteriorated beyond repair, divorce might be the best option for the well-being of your family.




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