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Think of a prenup like a seat belt

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Family Law |

People often set themselves firmly against using a prenup on the grounds that it just feels too cynical. They’re in love. They never plan to get divorced. They don’t want to think about that.

It’s an understandable emotional response, but it’s not logical. Look at the divorce rate. How many of those couples thought they’d get divorced on the day they got married?

Plus, being cynical isn’t, perhaps, as bad as it sounds. One expert pointed out that getting in the car and snapping your seat belt into place is just as cynical. You expect to drive safely. You don’t want to crash. Is the seat belt an admission that you will?

Of course not. It’s just a safety measure in case something happens that you don’t expect. It does not make you more likely to crash. It’s not some admission that you expect to get into an accident.

Think of your prenup the same way. You don’t plan to split up, and you’re not admitting that you want to. You’re just admitting that life isn’t always predictable, and you’re putting a safety device in place to protect yourself if the unexpected happens.

If it never does, and you never use the prenup, that’s great. You don’t crash and need your seat belt most of the time that you drive. But, if you ever do find yourself needing it, you may be very glad to have it.

If changing the way that you think about prenups makes you want to use one, be sure you know all of the legal steps that you need to take.




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