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An overview of same-sex adoption in Indiana

On Behalf of | May 16, 2017 | Same-Sex Partners |

Same-sex couples are legally permitted to adopt in the state of Indiana. This method, for some, is the only way couples can start a family. This is especially true if they cannot afford a surrogate or in-vitro fertilization. Here is a brief overview about same-sex adoption in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Same-sex couples in Indiana looking to adopt a child will face many of the same hurdles other couples or single individuals face in the state. Be prepared to endure a lengthy process for the adoption, which can include paperwork, interviews and questionnaires prior to receiving your license for adoption. The process will consist of the same elements for any aged child in the state.

The timeframe it takes to adopt a child in Indiana is based on a variety of factors. Those factors include the time it takes to complete the home study, if pre-adoption classes are required and how long it takes to find the right child for your family’s situation. Same-sex couples must understand that a connection might not come right away with a child. That is why multiple interviews usually take place during the adoption process.

The home study process for an adoption typically takes three to four months to complete. The home study includes the following:

– Motivation to adopt

– Significant people in the applicants’ lives

– Family and marriage relationships

– Expectations for the child

– Family environment

– Integration of the child into the family and parenting

– Feelings about infertility

– References and criminal background check

– Applicants’ physical and health history

– Summary and social worker’s recommendation

– Employment, education and finances

– Insurance coverage

– Child care plans

– Family and personal background, including upbringing, events and lessons learned

Be prepared to spend most of the home study with your spouse or partner, but there will be times where you are interviewed separately.

Thinking about adopting in Indiana? Contact our firm in Indianapolis today to discuss options same-sex couples have for adoption.




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