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July 2016 Archives

What happens to my child support if I change jobs?

When you got your divorce, you and your ex spouse came up with an equitable amount of child support based on your current job, living conditions, expenses and other factors. So what happens if you lose your job or find another job that doesn't offer the same pay? Are you expected to keep up the same payments even though you have less coming in? Thankfully, the answer is that you can get a child support modification to reflect your new job situation.

Same-sex marriages replacing other cohabitation arrangements

A year after same-sex marriage was declared legal across the nation, it is safe to say that many couples have embraced the opportunity to tie the knot. Results of a Gallup poll reveal that around 123,000 same-sex marriages have occurred since the landmark Supreme Court decision. The total number of same-sex marriages jumped from approximately 368,000 last year to roughly 491,000 at present.