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April 2016 Archives

What are reasons a parent may not be awarded custody?

When parents are together, it can be a struggle for them to raise their child, but when they live in two separate houses and have to split time with the child after their relationship has ended, finding a child custody arrangement that works for all parties may seem impossible. Because of these difficulties, parents may attempt to negotiate a custody agreement on their own in hopes of finding one that works, but there is a chance that they could end up in court battling for child custody. At this point, they may be surprised at the many reasons a court will find that one of them is not the best option when it comes to being awarded child custody.

Can I get spousal maintenance if I am disabled?

When two people are married, if one spouse is working and the other is not, it is likely that the two will still share that income. Depending on how much money is made, they will lead a certain lifestyle and may be used to enjoying the finer things in life. Should they divorce, for the spouse who is the lower wage earner, being able to enjoy such things may no longer be an option, which is why some people strongly consider requesting spousal maintenance.