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What are reasons a parent may not be awarded custody?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2016 | Child Custody |

When parents are together, it can be a struggle for them to raise their child, but when they live in two separate houses and have to split time with the child after their relationship has ended, finding a child custody arrangement that works for all parties may seem impossible. Because of these difficulties, parents may attempt to negotiate a custody agreement on their own in hopes of finding one that works, but there is a chance that they could end up in court battling for child custody. At this point, they may be surprised at the many reasons a court will find that one of them is not the best option when it comes to being awarded child custody.

The following are reasons a parent may not be awarded custody of their child:

  • Parent has been proven to be unfit.
  • Parent has not acted as their son or daughter’s primary caretaker.
  • Child prefers to live with the other parent.

Ultimately, when a judge makes the decision to not award a parent custody, it is likely because it is not in the child’s best interests. For the time being, this is something that the parent will have to deal with, but they can attempt to have the custody arrangement modified at a later date. As long as they are still able to spend time with their child and build a relationship, not having sole or joint custody isn’t always seen as a bad thing to some parents.

There are many things that can prevent a parent from being awarded custody of their son or daughter and it may not be easy to get the custody they want. Whenever a parent has made the decision to go for sole or joint custody, they need to make sure they do everything they can to prove to a judge that they deserve the type of custody they are seeking. Anyone who has questions about child custody or needs assistance with their case can contact a child custody attorney as their knowledge of child custody can help them receive the best possible outcome.




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