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Actor Tom Welling pays big for divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2015 | High Asset Divorce |

Often, a divorce is the healthiest choice for a couple to choose if their relationship is no longer working.  But the process of divorce can become complicated if the couple has acquired a significant amount of property and assets during the marriage. In such a case, there’s a chance that each party will be giving something up during the divorce. This is something that many people experience, but it is very common among celebrities since many have a high net worth.

It was recently determined how much actor Tom Welling will have to give up after his divorce to his wife of 10 years. It was reported that 20 percent of an amount of up to $5 million of the actor’s net income will be awarded to his ex-wife. Since the two own various properties and a number of cars, his ex-wife will also be receiving some of that property and assets, including the couple’s horses.

Welling’s ex-wife may be receiving a substantial amount of money and assets in the divorce, but he is walking away with a decent amount of property and assets as well. Welling has also gotten to keep the couple’s homes in Massachusetts and Florida and some of the cars that were purchased during the marriage.

Not all divorces are easy, but couples may experience a great deal of difficulties when it is a high asset divorce. With there being a lot of property and assets involved, when people cannot agree on how things will be handled, the process may become long and go on for months or even years. Regardless of whether or not a couple can agree on how things will be divided during the divorce, an attorney should be present to assist with the process, as they are knowledgeable of divorces and the legal matters associated with them.

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