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Close to two thousand marriage licenses issued in Indiana

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Same-Sex Partners |

Gay marriage is currently a hot topic in the United States. With the many waiting on a ruling from the Supreme Court, which could make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, those who live in states where it is already legal have been rushing to get married while they can.

In the state of Indiana, same-sex marriage has only been legal for a little over a year. While the 2014 numbers are unknown, there have been many same-sex couples in the year 2015 who have applied for marriage. There have been 1,147 same-sex marriage licenses issued in 2015 so far and this number may increase in the months to come.

Although many have been enjoying this freedom and have gotten married the first chance they got, this Supreme Court ruling could change things. It is true that many are waiting for same-sex marriage to be approved for all states, but the ruling could also put a stop to these marriages. Some are concerned about how this decision could affect them, especially if the Supreme Court decides that the decision will be left up to the state.

If the Supreme Court does decide to cease gay marriage in all 50 states or allows the states to choose, not only will this create issues for those who wish to marry, but this could create issues of the legal kind for many couples who have already married. Anyone with questions about how this ruling could affect their marriage should it ban gay marriage in every state may contact an attorney, as they may be able to answer any questions about same-sex marriage laws.

Source: South Bend Tribune,” Hundreds of gay couples secure marriage licenses,” Margaret Fosmoe, June 22, 2015




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