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Who is best for my problem? Mediator or Parenting Coordinator?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Family Law |

Co-parenting with a bitter or difficult ex is no picnic. While you have to maintain your composure for the sake of the kids (and to avoid having your own criminal issues) there may be issues that must be resolved sooner rather than later. However, getting back into court is no easy task; especially considering the court’s schedule.

Additionally, your order may require participation in mediation or having your issues heard by a parenting coordinator (or expeditor) prior to initiating an action in court. For some parents, understanding the difference between a parenting coordinator and a mediator can be confusing, so this post will help in clarifying each.

Parenting coordinator – By definition, this person helps in planning, executing events. But when it comes to parenting time, he or she may act as a judge. A parenting coordinator may be charged with clarifying and interpreting an order with regard to parenting time disputes, and may be able to award parenting time if it has been violated. A parenting coordinator’s decision can be reviewed (and possibly reversed) by the court.

Mediator – In contrast, a mediator is a neutral third party who helps disputing parents compromise and find solutions that they can both live with. Mediator is trained to deal with parties who are seemingly immovable and can help them understand what they have to gain by working together and coming to an agreement. Sometimes mediated agreements can be held to be binding.  

If you have additional questions about these people can help in resolving your dispute, an experienced family law attorney can help.





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