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10 issues that can end your marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Family Law |

Divorce does not have to take you by surprise. In many cases, you can see the red flags from a mile away. You have been dealing with these issues in your marriage all along. They finally got to the point that they caused you to split up. That doesn’t mean they’re new.

Keeping in mind that all couples are different, here are 10 common issues that cause couples to call a divorce lawyer:

  1. They’re dealing with a lot of financial stress.
  2. Physical intimacy is no longer part of the marriage.
  3. They have children, which adds stress to the relationship.
  4. They have to spend too much time apart.
  5. They have toxic relationships with their friends — or one spouse has a relationship with a friend that is turning romantic.
  6. They do not divide the household jobs up evenly.
  7. They do not get along with each other’s families. While jokes about disliking the in-laws are common, it can be a serious issue.
  8. They have bad habits that irritate the other person, and they refuse to change.
  9. Their personalities just do not mesh, no matter how much they thought they did when they were dating. Marriage makes it all too clear that they can’t get along.
  10. They had expectations for the marriage that are not fulfilled. This does not even mean those expectations were realistic to start with, but a marriage that does not measure up may be one that they want to leave.

Have you and your spouse run into these issues? If you’re getting divorced, you must know all you can about property division, child custody, parents’ rights, debt division, spousal support and much more.




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