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New bill to offer more protection for domestic violence victims

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2015 | Family Law |

From child custody to divorce, there are various family law issues that people deal with on a daily basis. Not every issue is easy to deal with, but there are some that present much difficulty due to the circumstances and the people involved. Domestic violence is one family law issue that can be difficult for families to deal with. The struggle to keep a family together, but put an end to the violence occurring in the home may not always be an option, so victims of domestic violence may have to find another way to keep themselves and their children safe.

Throughout the years, there has been an issue with domestic violence in America. Many women and children have found themselves needing and wanting protection from their abuser, but have not always been able to do so. Not only is this unfortunate because people have continued to be abused, but also because people have died due to a lack of protection. Thanks to the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act, domestic violence victims may start to get the protection they truly deserve.

Domestic violence situation can quickly and easily escalate to domestic murder. This act will prevent those who have already been found guilty of domestic abuse from purchasing guns, which is good because it may help put an end to the deaths of many women, children and anyone else who has been abused. Many states, including Indiana, currently have laws that protect people from experiencing further domestic violence, but this specific law will address loopholes and hopefully decrease the number of domestic murders.

Domestic violence is a real problem and those who have found themselves victims of this crime may want to seek the assistance of an attorney. Continuing to live this way is not the only option, so victims should not feel as though they have to do so. An attorney may be able to help these people find a solution to their problem and get the help and protection they need.

Source: The News-Herald, “Dingell introduces bill to protect domestic abuse, stalking victims from gun violence,”Dave Herndon, July 25, 2015




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