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Will the coronavirus lead to divorce?

Do you feel like the only thing people are talking about lately is the coronavirus, or COVID-19? It's all over the news. People are being told to stay inside, to stay home, and to basically put themselves into quarantine. The idea is to slow down the spread of the virus by only spending time with your own family.

Interestingly, though, some experts think that this may push people toward divorce. One psychology professor noted in an interview with Quartz that "Scary times have the potential to drive people together or apart."

This is also why some have predicted a rise in "coronavirus babies" from couples who are forced to stay home. But what is the opposite side of that equation? For many, that forced time together may lead them to realize that they want to end their marriage.

For instance, maybe you've already been thinking about it for months. You and your spouse don't really get along anymore. The only real reason that the marriage is still going is that you've been looking for escapes: Going to work, hanging out with friends, going to the gym. You don't spend much time exclusively together.

Now you have no choice. You're stuck in the house and you'll just have to face it. There is no escape. After weeks or potentially months of this, will you come out on the other side knowing it's time to get it over with and file for divorce?

If this does happen to you, it's going to be important to understand all of the legal steps you'll need to take moving forward.

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