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February 2017 Archives

Dissolution of marriage for same-sex couples

With same-sex marriages formally recognized in Indiana, all couples considering divorce must meet the criterion for dissolution of marriage as set out by the Indiana Rules of Court. Divorce is one of the most difficult relationship transitions any couple will go through and every situation is different with unique circumstances involved in their particular relationship. However, whether you are in a same sex partnership or a heterosexual relationship, you will need to make many emotionally charged decisions.

You have the right to connect with your grandchild

Many people have the potential to play a vital role during the key developmental years of a child. In the busy world of today, many parents opt to involve grandparents closely in the child's upbringing. Not only can grandparents provide a nurturing environment for the child, especially when the parents need a helping hand, but they can also provide many valuable life lessons. However, sometimes parents will decide that they do not want their child to maintain any relationship with their grandparents. This is a difficult place to be in, especially when you have tried your very best to build a bond with your grandchild.