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October 2016 Archives

Does bankruptcy mean you do not have to pay child support?

Child support cases are complex and can be difficult to comprehend. Children are the legal responsibility of both parents, and the law is strict towards parents who refuse to pay child support. Generally, courts do not relieve parents from child support even in severe cases. Bankruptcy is a special case, and it is important to understand child support laws regarding bankruptcy if you are planning to file.

Factors that could nullify your prenuptial agreement

Divorces can have major financial implications, especially if you own expensive property or large sums of money. It is always a good idea to protect yourself and sign a prenuptial agreement. Some couples believe signing a prenuptial agreement means they are preparing to break up even before getting married. But in reality it is a great way to stay safe and makes sure you do not lose your assets after divorce. Although prenuptial agreements are strong and hold up in court, there might be some circumstances in which they can be nullified.