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November 2015 Archives

Actor Tom Welling pays big for divorce

Often, a divorce is the healthiest choice for a couple to choose if their relationship is no longer working.  But the process of divorce can become complicated if the couple has acquired a significant amount of property and assets during the marriage. In such a case, there's a chance that each party will be giving something up during the divorce. This is something that many people experience, but it is very common among celebrities since many have a high net worth.

What happens when child support is not paid?

If two people have a child together, it is the responsibility of both of them to properly care for their son or daughter. This is something that should be done whether the parents are a couple or not. This is why, when parents go to court to discuss the issue of child custody, they often end up going over the matter of child support as well. More often than not, when child support is discussed, it will be decided that one parent is to make monthly payments. While this parent may be ordered by the court to pay child support every month, they may not always act on this order.