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October 2015 Archives

How prenuptial and postnuptial agreements differ

The area of family law can include a variety of legal matters. No family is perfect, so it is normal for couples or parents to have concerns and disagreements about things pertaining to their family. Divorce, child custody and support are all common issues families may face at some point, but other family law matters that couples may have to deal with are prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Why one parent may request sole custody of his or her children

When two people decide to separate and they have children together, one or both may want to have sole custody of the children. Depending on how the other parent feels about this, they may disagree and request that the two have joint legal custody of the children. There is no telling how these types of disputes will end, but parents have two options when it comes to finding a resolution: letting a judge decide or working together to find an arrangement with which they both are comfortable.

How is marital property determined in the event of a divorce?

Divorces can quickly turn nasty when two people do not agree on certain issues. Whether it be child custody, alimony or property division, people don't always want to work together to find an arrangement that they both can be happy with; they may also have difficulty believing that it is something that can be done. In high asset divorces, property division can especially be an issue because of how much the couple's property may be worth and what one party may feel belongs to only them.