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September 2015 Archives

Request child support from the other parent of your child

When parents get divorced or couples separate, if there are children involved, they will likely have to deal with the issue of child custody and support. In some cases, parents may be able to come to an agreement about how things will play out, but there are some parents who have had difficulty agreeing on a child custody arrangement. Not only may they disagree on which parent should be awarded custody of the child, but they may also find themselves disputing over how much child support the child should receive every month.

Adoption eligibility requirements in Indiana

Becoming a parent is an exciting experience for those who choose to do so. Whether a couple chooses to have a child together or to adopt, the process may be equally exciting and stressful no matter what method the couple decides to use. For same-sex partners, adoption is a popular choice but isn't always the easiest. Unfortunately, people must meet the eligibility requirements before they can even start the adoption process, and depending on a person's situation, some may find it easier to adopt a child than others.