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July 2015 Archives

An attorney can help modify your child custody order

Disagreements over child custody may not always be easy to deal with. When parents cannot agree on this particular issue, they may do whatever they can to prove to the court that their child deserves to be living with them and that the other parent should only be granted visitation. While one parent may be the better option for the child, when a case like this is taken to court, the decision is ultimately left up to the judge.

What factors affect property division in a high asset divorce?

Property division is often an issue during a divorce, but when it is a high asset divorce, a lot more may be at stake than just the house or the car. In many marriages, it is not unusual for one spouse to have a higher income than the other. This may seem like a good thing when a couple is happily married, but when it comes time to divorce, the spouse with the higher income may find that their net worth could affect how property and assets are divided.