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Articles & Notable Cases

In the following article, Kathryn Hillebrands Burroughs discusses the complexities of representing accuser and accused in divorce cases involving sexual abuse allegations. Attorney Burroughs then outlines pertinent topics to consider when defending the accused throughout divorce proceedings.

Kathryn Hillebrands Burroughs tackles the various issues associated with unmarried Indiana couples living with one another. The challenges Attorney Burroughs discusses range from those experienced by same sex couples to the ways in which unmarried coupling can impact child issues like custody and adoption. This article also expands on specific case examples related to the topic.


In the following case, a client of our firm, a father, appeals the termination of his parenting time and the order for payment of the mother’s legal fees. The appeal for the parenting time termination is grounded in statutory authority. The argument primarily questions whether the court’s decision is in line with Indiana statutes regarding child endangerment and parenting time termination.

Client Jason Green appeals the denial of his petition for child custody modification. Being that Jason was not provided the change of judge he motioned for, the court reverses the decision and remands with instructions so that Jason can again make a case for modification.

In the following case, client Jason Green again appeals court decisions regarding modifications to child custody arrangements. Jason also appeals a judge’s order that he pay the mother’s attorney’s fees as well as a judge’s order for a decrease in Jason’s parenting time.