Protective Orders

Domestic violence is a serious issue in our country. Abused individuals need to know that there are legal steps they can take to protect themselves and their families.

At Cross Glazier Burroughs, PC, we are dedicated to helping individuals find lasting protection and the appropriate orders needed to protect themselves from violence and physical abuse. Our lawyers skillfully and compassionately guide clients through this process, equipping them with the answers, information and strategies they need.

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Directly following a domestic violence call, the police can issue an emergency order of protection that will require the accused individual to refrain from any contact with the abused person for three to seven days. This often allows a space for law enforcement to sort out the facts and for the abused individual to seek more permanent safe arrangements.

Protective Orders — Legal Solutions To Seek Protection For Yourself And Your Children

Unlike an emergency protection order, these more lasting orders require a more lengthy process, but provide protection for a greater period of time. They can include the following protections:

  • Limiting contact — The court can order the individual to cut off all contact, including phone calls, texts, emails, verbal or any other means of communication. Arrangements can be made for contact between the parties through peaceful methods and on a limited basis.
  • Physical distance — The court can order the abuser to remain outside of a certain radius of the victim, usually quantified in yards. This includes the individual's home, vehicle, job or school.
  • Mandatory move-outs — The court can order the abuser to immediately move out of the home.
  • Surrendering firearms — The court can require that the abuser hand over any guns or weapons that could be used against the individuals.

To obtain a protection order, you must put together the proper paperwork and documentation, and appear before the court to request or renew the order. Our attorneys will assist you at all steps in this process, ensuring that you get the protection you and your family need.