Business Valuation

No two businesses are the same, just like no two marriages are the same. When your marriage ends and it's time to put a dollar value on your business, we know that means helping you with your own unique personal and business issues. That's why we work with knowledgeable professionals in the field who have the expertise to place a value on your business, applying responsible, trustworthy business financial analysis.

At Cross Glazier Burroughs, PC, our Indianapolis business valuation lawyers have the knowledge, resources and experience to assist you with your case involving business or professional practice valuation.

Protect Business Interests

You've spent years building your business or professional practice; it's worth protecting during divorce proceedings. We help clients continue to maintain and grow their businesses or professional practices while resolving property division matters, including those involving high net worth matters.

Cross Glazier Burroughs, PC, has significant experience with divorces involving business valuation, and we can use a creative, problem-solving approach to reach solutions that safeguard your life's work.

As Carmel and Indianapolis high net worth divorce attorneys, we take on complex property division matters, striving for not only creative, but also enduring settlement agreements.

Every divorce is challenging in its own way, but when we work with clients with substantial assets, businesses or properties, we have the knowledge, experience and discretion that is required. Our attorneys are experienced in working with high-profile divorce clients as well as those with high net worth, and we will work to keep their divorce private and confidential while preserving their assets.

High-Profile Divorce

Going through a divorce is hard enough. Going through a divorce with the prying eyes of the media and the Internet on you is even tougher. We will work with you in an effort to keep your matters as confidential as possible.

Committed To Excellence, Discretion And Integrity

We have successfully represented local entertainers, professional athletes and their spouses, medical professionals and entrepreneurs. Many times, our clients find us through their agents or other professionals; other times, it is through referrals from lawyers or other clients. However you've found us, we can help with your divorce, paternity or another family law matter.

Knowledgeable Indianapolis Business Valuation Attorneys

When you need Carmel or Indianapolis divorce attorneys with business valuation experience, please call Cross Glazier Burroughs, PC, at 800-461-7459 or you may fill out our online contact form.